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. presidentth african nelson mandela will be buried on december 15 in his rural home of nationter a period y'allal mourning. -- national mourning. his body will lie in state at government's executive headquarters in south africa's capital, victoria. died yesterday at the age of 96. he had been ill for about a the hospitalout of to treat a lung infection. focusingmore locally, on detroit, a federal judge has approved detroit's bankruptcy filing. says pensioners may be taking a haircut along with other creditors, but as to how this will affect investors, we bring in bob rice from tangent capital partners to explain. we know there are two types of inys that people can invest general obligation bonds, revenue bonds. >> right. >> how is this going to shake out? >> a couple of points here. one is that the revenue bonds are secured by collateral. have a nice little graphic we can show how this breaks down for you here. yup. we so you'll see here, here are the key differences between g.o.'s and revenue bonds. general obligation bonds are backed by the full taxing power the municipality where
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1